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Ecologic Cleaning Services
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Ozone (O³) is a gas composed of 3 oxygen atoms combined in a ring. Ozone itself is a blue coloured gas, which has a distinct odour, and is about one and a half times heavier than air. When it is under pressure, it is an unstable gas that decomposes readily into molecular oxygen.

Ozone molecules wipe out unwanted odours and render the air clean and fresh before reverting back to oxygen.
Ozone is created in nature during a thunderstorm, but it cannot be stored.
For deoderising and anti-bacterial applications it must be physically generated on site.
Ozone is the world's second most powerful steriliser and is highly effective at destroying viruses, bacteria and odours.


Ozone generator work by drawing in air, passing it through an electrical charge and then the air that is released becomes oxygen enriched (O² becomes O³). The extra Oxygen finds anything foreign in the air and destroys it, during this the extra Oxygen is destroyed as well leaving the air cleaned and fresh!


This process is invisible to the eye and can take just a few minutes.
  • The Ozone compound is produced when the air purifier is turned on.
  • Ozone then interacts with any contaminants or pollutants it comes into contact with in the air.
  • Ozone eliminates said contaminants, neutralising itself in the process.
  • When Ozone is used in this way to remove bad odours, Oxygen is left behind as a bi-product.
  • The bad odour is eliminated and replaced with the neutral fresh air smell, a smell which has been likened to that of the scent which occurs after a thunderstorm.
Our ozone generates effectively remove:
  • the smell of cooking, such as fried fish and curry, permanently.
  • unpleasant odours from childrens trainers.
  • smells from cats and dogs, it can be used to freshen up their bedding with Ozone.
  • cigarette smells from curtains, upholstery and from a room filled with smoke.
  • paint smells after decorating.
  • the spores that cause mold.
  • the smell of dead vermin such as decaying rodents.
  • the smell of urine from toilets and other areas.


They remove nuisance odors produced during cooking. They also provide security against bacterial and viral infection, especially in restaurants, bars, fried food stands etc.
Hotel services
Refreshes the air in every room along with its equipment.
It also minimalizes the risk of bacterial and viral infections.
Sterilizes the rooms, completely removes mold and other fungi.
Ozonization of air conditioning channels reduces the occurrence of legionellosis, a contagious respiratory illness caused by dirty air conditioning systems.
Health service
Systematic use of our device prevents infections in all health-care establishments i.e. hospitals, clinics, operating rooms , dentists offices, hospital corridors.
Meat processing
Sterilizes and improves sanitary conditions. The meat transporting vehicles regularly treated with ozone assure higher level of safety, by preventing the food from being infected. Ozonizing butchery rooms, cold stores and selling rooms keeps meat and its preserves fresh for longer.
Motorization & Transportation
Perfectly and permanently removes odour from the car cabin and air conditioning systems without the use of any chemicals.
Ozonization of trucks, buses, coaches, trams, taxis and other vehicles, removes unpleasant odours from the interior and at the same time sterilizes ventilation and air conditioning systems.
The removal of fire damages
Ozonizing sites of fire removes the smell of burning. Almost 100 percent effective.

The removal of inundation damages

Usage of ozone is strongly recommended, because ozone destroys mildew and fungi and their thallus mycelia developing after the floods.
Other places
We suggest usage of our generator in funeral plants, horticulture, animal husbandry, production halls.